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Letter To My Newborn Child

In 2017 Luke Jessop will make his debut choreographic performance - Letter To My Newborn Child. This solo, inspired by the birth of his recently born daughter, looks at the monumental task of raising a child and how our own perception of life is now entrusted upon us to be the guidelines for teaching this new 'person-to-be'.

Drawing on his personal reflections and thoughts, Luke, and his American Football, lead the audience through a wave of questioning and self-analysis. Looking at how a father can guide a daughter through life. How a white man can guide a mixed-race girl, even though they will be judged and treated differently by society throughout their lives. And exploring his own personal changes and growth into fatherhood, and the strange paternal emotions that have arisen.

Watch this space for more information...
  1. Letter To My Newborn
    Letter To My Newborn
    Photo by Danny Willems