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Valentin Pythoud

Circus / Contemporary

 Valentin Pythoud is a circus artist with an atypical professional path.  He studied both decoration and circus. He graduated in ESAC, where he specialised as a porter.

He co-created the acrobatic trio La RuspaRocket, with Julien Pierrot and Laura Trefiletti. Together they participated in different creations: "The child who ...", "Alaska" and finally their own show "La Geste". Since 3 years, Valentin works with Claudio Stellato /show "La Cosa”/.

In parallel he began a new project, with the dancer/performer Natalia Pieczuro, on the subject of the revolution /this work combines circus, dance and theater/.    

The Classes during ConnectLAB.

 This workshop is about being two in one body. We will work with the idea how to maximise lifting, carrying and moving potential. We will research how to be soft and powerful in the same time. We propose a meeting point between circus technics and partnering-dance /based on Fighting Monkeys practice.

We will discover the up and down dimensions.

As in the class of Natalia, we will work on strengthening the focus, awareness and the whole system. Our main context of work will be our partner - the other person - and time. The work with "him" will influence our behaviour, the diversity of qualities, tempo and rhythm of our movement. This workshop is open for dancers, circus and sports people, actors and all movers.
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