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Ricardo Ambrózio

Born in the south of Brazil, Ricardo Ambrozio lived in Rio de Janeiro, where he had the opportunity to experience the best and the worst of Brazilian culture and day-to-day life.​ His first contact with rhythm and movement was at the age of 6.  Once Ricardo immersed himself deeper and deepr in dance, he and attended the ‘Faculdade Angel Vianna’ for two years. 

At the age of twenty he left Brazil to go to Lisbon, Portugal, to attend the ‘Escola Superior de Dança’ and work with some companies (Companhia de Dança de Almada, Company Istável). 

At this time he also started to develop his own work as choreographer and teacher by blending all the influences that he had experienced in dance with a lot of energy and momentum.​ After a creation with Helder Seabra in Company Istável (Porto, Portugal), he worked with Bruno Caverna, Gerard Mostard (Amsterdam) and then Chris de Feyter, Willy Dorner and Ultima Vez  (Brussels).

While working with the Belgian company Ultima Vez, Ricardo Ambrozio has started to gather his own cultural projects (choreography, video, text and photo) under one name,one roof, one mark: Untamed. In August 2014 he left Ultima Vez in order to invest all his time and energy in his own creations and collaborations. He is currently dancing in the new creation of Helder Seabra / Helka “When the birds fly low, the wind will blow” and finalizing the second creation of Untamed Productions “Homo Urbanus”.
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