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German Jauregui

German Jauregui is a director, choreographer, dancer and pedagogue based in Brussels.

In 1998 he joins the company Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus, and participates in the creation and touring of the pieces: “In spite of wishing and wanting” (1999), “Inasmuch as life is borrowed” (2000), “What the body does not remember” (Revivals of 2002 and 2015), “Blush” (2002), “Sonic Boom” (2003), “Puur” (2005), “Spiegel” (2006), and in the dance films: “In spite of wishing and wanting” (2002), “Blush” (2005), “Here after” (2007), and in the short-films: “The last words “(1999),“Inasmuch…”(2000).

He also works as movement assistance and rehearsal director for some concrete pieces. Since 2007 he develops his own work with the creation of the pieces “Isaac” (2007) “Sunset on Mars” (2009), “Confession” (2013) and “Isaac y Diola” (2016) together with the Choreographer Antia Diaz. As a Guess choreographer he creates pieces for different companies in Spain, Mexico and Canada. In parallel, he teaches workshops internationally.​
The Classes during ConnectLAB.
Tools for partnering 

This workshop will be a technical approach to some  physical aspects of partnering work. Feeling our partner, rather that trying to impose a concrete form or body shapes, will be our basic strategy. Starting with a study and analysis of our weight and the control of the center of the body, we will explore different techniques which will help us to approach the other body and discover different relationships between two or more  bodies. By working with another body we will discover ours
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