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Frequently asked questions

 So that everyone involved has a clearer understanding of how the workshop-series functions, here are a few frequently asked questions. If you have a more specific question and these reponses do not help, please get in touch at:
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    Are travel and accommodation covered in the cost?


    No. Unfortunately, the ConnectLAB costs do not include accommodation nor travel/transfer. However, once your place is confirmed, we will do our best in assisting travel and lodging requirements.
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    Why is there an application process?


    In order for the group dynamic to be as efficient as possible, there is an informal application process. This is to ensure that everyone participating is at an appropriate level and allows for efficient learning. Alongside this, the application process is to be sure to have a wide range of artists from various backgrounds within the group.
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    What if I want to cancel my inscription?


    In order to secure a place in ConnectLAB, there is a €70 non-refundable deposit to be paid. If however you have already paid for the workshop in full and a cancellation is requested up to two weeks before the start of the workshop, you will receive a refund on the remainder paid (not including the deposit). If a cancellation is requested later than two weeks before, there will be no refund.
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    I have secured a place, but now I can't make it. Can a friend take my place?


    Unfortunately due to the nature of the application process a simple 'name change' is not possible. If a cancellation is requested, your place will be offered up to those on the waiting list. It is not possible to designate your place to someone specific.
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    Can I participate for just one day?


    There are no one-day tickets for ConnectLAB. Part of the ethos behind the workshop is that the group grows together over the course of the week, the intention being to keep the same group of people each day. Allowing for stronger relationships to be formed and creating a more personal and familiar atmosphere.
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