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Ion Tribe

Bart Adins & Christina Markouli


​Christina is a child of the Mediterranean sea imported in Belgium in 2011. She loves olives and handstands. She feels like a giant inside who was born in a pocket sized body. After having discovered acroyoga her bursting inner giant finally found some rest thanks to this practice that gives her the chance to be wild, playful, childish, silly, bubbly and at the same time grounds her, softens her, brings her back to her core where her fire meets the air and water and is tamed.

Bart is no common Belgian; he hates beer. He is a wanderer, an explorer of the body and mind, a tall and strong man with the softest hands and feet. His thirst for creative movement and expression brought acroyoga along his path and a new journey began! Through this practice he does what he is best at; he gives wings for people to fly, making them trust and feel safe, protecting and empowering them.

Chrtistina and Bart met on a beautiful day in Brussels and connected instantly. They started playing and sharing what they are both passionate about. They began teaching acroyoga together soon after and are now leading several classes and workshops in Belgium and abroad.​

The Classes during ConnectLAB.

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