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Daniel de Bruin & Ruben Dykstra

10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu

Daniel de Bruin was fascinated with movement from a young age. He did a lot of different sports as a kid until he fell in love with Martial Arts! At age 14 he started Karate. He competed internationally and got his Black Belt at age 19. Then discovered more martial arts and started BJJ, MMA, Submission grappling and competed in all of them.

He also got his degree in Sports and Physical Education at age 22. Since then he works as a sports teacher. At age 25 he started studying Philosophy. He got his degree at age 28. His mission now is to bring the knowledge from Sports, Martial Arts and Philosophy together as a tool for personal development in many forms!

Today he runs 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Amsterdam a young school with a very welcoming atmosphere! He also teaches Martial Arts and Sport Philosophy At the Sport Studies of the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam. After following the ideas of Ido Portal he gained a renewed interest in all sorts of Movement practices!

After meeting Luke he got more and more interested in dancing. When Luke asked him to be a part of Connect Lab he was very interested right away! Using different practices to get new insights is a beautiful practice to get to know ourselves better!​

The Classes during ConnectLAB.

At Connect Lab, Daniel and Ruben will be teaching specific 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu drills which are known for being great movement flows!

Especially working with dancers is great as dancers are very able to move and are also used to easily learn a new 'choreography'.

They are super excited to be a part of Connect Lab! And can't wait to learn and share with everyone!

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